3rd Grade Morning Work

3rd Grade Morning Work

MATH MORNING WORK: For the third graders in my classroom… I usually have them work on a math resource that I created specific to meeting the needs of English Language Learners.

 ABOUT MATH MORNING WORK: This math morning work is a spiral review of what students are learning throughout the year.

 Spiral Math Review is a lifesaver for children that are struggling in math. 

 Each time you assign this type of morning work… you are giving a student another opportunity to master a skill that was once confusing to them. 

 EXAMPLE: Within the math curriculum for my third graders… our first topic is rounding.  

 When I started teaching this grade-level, FRUSTRATION was a big part of my planning sessions.

 But now, I’m thankful that it is the first skill for third grade!  It fits perfectly with the Spiral Math Review that takes place each morning in my classroom!  

The morning routine of having a Spiral Math Review has been a game-changer!  It has allowed for growth and development to occur for students over time.

 Even if an English Language Learner doesn’t fully understand the concept in September… the child WILL eventually master it through constant repetition.

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